Welcome to my professional web site. My name is Brett L. Scott, and I am a seasoned IT professional with decades of professional experience. During this time I have remained “hands on”. This has empowered me with extensive experience and a broad understanding of industry. My technical knowledge and experience is uncommon and a very valuable asset to my clients. As a function of my client and personal needs, I have been continuously operating LAN/WAN infrastructures and commercial software applications as an application services provider and as a large volume transaction gateway.

My software development and database design experience are my primary skill-sets. Since the start of my career I have been developing enterprise level applications focusing on totally integrated functionality. The majority of my clients today are start-ups seeking to build software that serves and scales correctly from the ground up, commercial software companies, companies seeking to develop commercial software, or research and development operations. I offer expertise in business analysis, software design, software development, project management, and team training / mentoring.

The software systems I design/build are focused on helping ordinary people achieve extraordinary results. Using automation, total integration, best practices, and appropriate application of technology I have helped companies and their staffs reach incredible heights in profitability, efficiency, and scalability.

My numerous years of professional IT experience in numerous industries has given me a deep and thorough understanding of technology. Since I have successfully navigated several industry twists and turns, I offer excellent insight into emerging technologies. Many organizations recognize my experience as a rare and valuable asset. I have also been working as a strategic consultant, ranging from software optimization to systems design and technology infrastructure investment.

My commitment to remaining skilled as a “hands on” technologist has kept me on the front lines of the ongoing war against network and application security threats. Some of my clients are medical data companies, eCommerce companies, security related organizations, and accounting systems. These clients are regularly attacked by serious and geographically distributed threats. One of my clients has been attacked by hundreds of machines, located all over the world, simultaneously. These attacks are not general scans or simple “bots” but carefully orchestrated attacks by very intelligent teams of individuals. This “front line” experience and exposure has permitted me to gain experience defeating threats over a range that most have yet to encounter. Since my primary asset is my experience, I bring more to the table, build better solutions, and offer better designs for secure computing and applications environments.

As a technologist that “eats my own dog food”, I have developed very powerful and thoroughly tested tools that assist me with research, business continuity capabilities, transaction handling, broad API integration, rapid application development, and much more. One of my most powerful tools is my distributed Neural Computing Grid. More recently the industry has named it simply “Grid Computing”, my system has been operating from over 60 locations continuously since 1995. As someone who frequently reads published material relating to my work and interests in technology, I believe I offer an edge in neural computing grid systems design. Additionally, since I have such a mature system, it is already a very capable system out of the box. This strategic advantage allows me to perform functions today that most consider to be only “future possibilities”. The current iteration of my NCG functions 24/7 as a security team, rapid incident response system, systems monitoring service, distributed robotic labor, eCommerce transaction processing platform, research analysis and discovery platform, corporate intelligence platform, EDI communications platform, while robotically executing many more functions too numerous to list here.

Since 2003, I have been the architect and programmer for a Health Care 2.0 company. This company is well ahead of the curve. This company not only is well ahead on delivering top quality health care, but is also on the cutting edge of security, eCommerce, fulfillment logistics, and seamless integration across a multi-continental geography. This company has grown several fold since I started. They enjoy unbelievable efficiency (dramatically lowering the typical fixed costs of operation), superior compliance with regulators and regulations well above industry standards, and this translates to a highly flexible and profitable company. All of their technology achievements have been completed with an IT staff of three, myself included.

While introducing my skills, this brief letter merely highlights some of my more significant contributions.  Please take the time to explore my web site and discover the answers to any further questions you may have.  If you have any additional questions, please e-mail me @ [email protected]

Brett L. Scott
[email protected]

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