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Home Office Environment

My home office environment has been carefully crafted to foster a creative, undisturbed, and powerful development environment for my endeavors.  The office itself is separated from the common areas of the house and is well lit.  I have successfully worked as a telecommuter for 16 years.  I absolutely love the extra two hours a day I get back not having to drive in traffic.  My productivity has never been better, and my overall costs of doing business are way down.

Cox Business 100 meg. pipe.
Phone Services
2 incoming dedicated voice phone lines.  Both have one number service redundancy offering cellular overlay service.  1 Polycom 650 VOIP phone with an additional extender this easily integrates with most SIP/VOIP systems. Therefore, I can connect directly to your phone network. Currently operate 18 voice lines.  I also have a Polycom conference room phone system in my office.   All incoming voice lines have toll-free numbers.
I am currently running a 24 station / server 1 gigabit network.  All hardware is updated every 6 months and all servers are top of the line machines. I am a full Microsoft Universal Development Partner (UDP) Program subscriber which provides me with a complete suite of Microsoft’s back office operating systems and server software.  My main environment is based on Windows 2000 and XP machines.  I am also running a Microsoft .Net server.  All of my systems are protected by firewalls, intrusion detection, and automated audits.  I am currently running 3 terabytes of storage backed up every 6 hours.  Over the years I have developed several unique software applications and methodologies that greatly enhance my overall performance.  I regularly use PPTP or VPN services to connect to my client’s networks, and have several SSL/PKE certificates.  I have Microsoft Terminal Services™ clients and Microsoft NetMeeting™ software installed on my workstations.  I am familiar with configuring and presenting information using WebEx™ and PlaceWare™.  Finally, I have full multi-media production facilities with streaming media servers in both the Windows Media™, Flash™ Media Server, and RealVideo™ formats.  Since I am frequently asked to participate in meetings I have also developed a video conferencing system that allows multiple parties to communicate and collaborate in real time with very low bandwidth consumption.
My office is secluded and in a quiet neighborhood.  There is very little traffic and my home is on a generously sized lot.  My family is comfortable with my non-existence during business hours and leave me undisturbed.
One of my most important priorities.  The home is never left unoccupied for more than a few hours.  When the home would be left un-occupied we hire either a security firm or use local house-sitters to keep the home warm and in good company.  All non-family members are screened with a comprehensive background check. Security cameras are present and they are monitored.

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