Resume as a Coder


  • Commercial software design and development
  • Problem solver
  • Hardcore technical knowledge with direct expertise in its application to business.
  • Over 20 years of professional experience
  • Proven team management skills

A security consultant with peer acknowledged expertise as a leader in cybersecurity, secure coding, computer network attack (CNA), computer network defense (CND), and cyber warfare. Specialties: cybersecurity, start-ups, software design/architecture, software development, grid computing, high-performance computing clusters, big data, project management, investor relations, document systems, and content management.

My designs focus on total system integration, high volume transactions, asynchronous processing / parallel processing, and robust/resilient systems.

My track record of successful system development, long term system lifespans and wealth generation speaks for itself. Very few match my performance.

Work Experience – highlights

August 2003 to Ma 2016

A healthcare 2.0 / eCommerce company


  • Took the company from 5 million in annual sales to over 40 million in annual sales
  • Developed all operational software from the consumer website to the backend processing and automation¬† platform
  • Built complete EPP backend for fully functioning domain registrar
  • Developed custom WordPress plugins
  • Built a team of developers to support business operations

Programming Languages

  • Python, PHP, .Net (c# mvc / ServiceStack) under Mono, Visual Basic, Classic ASP

April 2003 to August 2003

A Large Bank

Neural computing project interfacing with a legacy mainframe system via Extra. Bi-directional updates and queries. Managing loan pipelines, productivity portal, workflow, and job routing, automation, pipeline monitoring, and reporting, error/defect detection and automated response. The project also was a solution for business continuity planning with a complete loan pipeline migration and load balanced redistribution within 1 hour to any number of alternate business facilities.

January 2003 to April 2003

A National Computer Distributor / Wholesaler

Hired as a contractor to analyze, debug, and enhance a VB, COM, Java, MS SQL Server application used to add, delete, and maintain the company’s product offerings. In two months over 100 bugs were eliminated, customer satisfaction was achieved. Next several new powerful functions and screens were added to the application which dramatically increased user productivity and increased system reliability. Ultimately, the way was cleared for new systems development for an SAP conversion.

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